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Deal Current Network, Inc. Software Policies & Procedures


Last Updated: February 9, 2016

These Policies and Procedures ("Policies and Procedures"), together with the Deal Current Network Inc. [Master Service Agreement] (the "MSA") constitute a binding agreement between Deal Current Network Inc. ("Deal Current") and you or the legal entity you represent ("Client").

Acceptance of Terms

The following policies and procedures govern all use of the Deal Current Daily Deal and Coupon Software (the Software). The Software is owned and operated by Deal Current Network, Inc. (Deal Current). The Software will publish offers and coupons that can be purchased or printed in exchange for an offer voucher (Voucher). The Software is offered subject to acceptance without modification of all of the policies and procedures contained herein and all other operating rules, policies and procedures that may be published from time to time on this Software by Deal Current (collectively, the Policies and Procedures).

Advertiser Payments

Deal Current, directly or through its designees, will handle all payments of Advertiser Revenue to Advertisers for Clients and Affiliates. With respect to Offers, the value of Advertiser Revenue will be determined by a Client on a per-deal basis and documented with an Advertiser Agreement that can be provided at anytime if requested by Deal Current.

For each Offer, Company shall pay the applicable amount of Advertiser Revenue to all Advertisers entered into the Software by a Client or Client Representative. Deal Current is not responsible for errors made by Client or Client Representative, but will make best efforts to correct these errors when possible if notified by an Advertiser or Client. Unless otherwise specifically approve by Deal Current in writing, payments associated with Offers will be made to Advertisers as follows: (i) 50% of Advertiser Revenue on a deal by deal basis within seven (7) business days after the final day the Offer ends (Canadian merchants should allow 5 additional days for mailing), (ii) 50% of the Advertiser Revenue within thirty-seven (37) days after the final day the Offer ends (Canadian merchants should allow 5 additional days for mailing). All payments of Advertiser Revenue will be reduced for charge backs, refunds, returns, or refusal of the Advertiser to honor an offer.

If an Advertiser reports that a check was not received, Company will issue a stop payment if the check has not been cashed and re-issue a second check. Any back fees associated with stop payments will be deducted from the next Client Payment.

Client Payments

On or before the 15th of each month (Canada clients should allow up to 5 days for mailing), Company will send to Client a check for the Client Net Revenue earned for Offers purchased or Coupons sold during the previous calendar month. Example: Client Net Revenue earned January 1 – January 30th will be mailed to Client by February 15th. Company will also provide a detailed Net revenue report outlining, for each Offer or Coupon, the number sold, gross revenue generated, and any refunds, chargebacks, or fees from chargebacks. If the Client agreement is cancelled, terminated for any reason, or expired, Company will retain the greater of 10% of final Client Commissions payment or $500 for 60 days to account for any refunds or other adjustments. Company will accept refunds during this period and after 60 days pay Client less any refunds.

Refunds or Consumer Chargebacks

Deal Current will handle refunds and chargebacks from Consumers on purchases of Vouchers for services, but not for physical goods.

Refund requests made within 30 days will be made with no prior notification to the Client. If the refund or chargeback is processed within 30 days after purchase, and the second Advertiser payment has not been sent, Company will refund the Customer after email notification to the Advertiser in the hopes of determining if the Voucher has been redeemed; actual confirmation of this is not required to administer the refund. Upon refund, Company shall deduct Client's and Advertiser's portion of the refund from the next commission payments.

Refund Requests made after 30 days will be submitted to the Client for approval as long as Client's Agreement with Deal Current is current and the Client's account is in good standing. Since the merchant has already been paid out their commission for the Deal Offer, both the Advertiser and Client commissions on that Deal Offer will be deducted from the Client's monthly commission report if Client approves the refund.

If a Client terminates the Agreement with the Copmany or the Client Agreement expires, Client is then 100% responsible for chargebacks, refunds, and customer credits. If payment is remaining to Client, Company will deduct any amounts owed.

Company transactional fees will not be reimbursed in the event of refunds or chargebacks.

If a Consumer requests that their credit card company or bank reverses a charge (a Chargeback) Client is responsible for a $25 fee and actual credit card fees for any unresolved Chargebacks arising from Consumers who dispute charges related to Offer purchases. Company will continue to manage administration for all merchant payments, chargebacks, stop payments, refunds for Client Customers, for all Clients using the full Company Services.

In the case of network deals, all refunds will be determined by the client that has scheduled the deal.

Promotional Fees

Deal Current's Software allows for certain marketing promotion tracking, including, but not limited to promotional codes and discounts, and referrals for Consumer purchases often called "Refer a Friend". These marketing promotions are 100% optional and are at the discretion of the Client. If Client utilizes these promotions, Deal Current will track and deduct any promotions redeemed by the Consumer from the Client's next Payment.

Deal Current Affiliates

Client can negotiate independent affiliate deals. Company has the right to negotiate affiliate deals on behalf of Client that will pay an Affiliate a percentage of the Client Gross Revenue that would otherwise have been paid to Client. Client acknowledges and agrees that Company shall pay such revenue directly to the Affiliate, and deduct the Affiliate payment from Client's monthly commission payment. Client will have the option of opting in and out of any Company Affiliate programs at Client Discretion, and on a deal specific basis. Company will provide Client with reports relating to Affiliates revenue share.

Network Offer Sharing

When publishing an Offer to the Network, Clients will be required to publish an Affiliate Commission Rate of 1% or greater. This Affiliate Commission Rate will be applied to any Vouchers sold by a Client Affiliate who sells a Voucher and added to the Client Affiliates Commission Payment. The Affiliate Commission Rate will be deducted from the Client who published the Offer.

In addition to the Affiliate Commission Rate deducted from the Client who publishes the Offer, Deal Current will add an additional 2% service fee for support, maintenance, and Advertiser payments due. For example, if a Client publishes a 13% Affiliate Commission Rate, Your Commission Report will show a 15% deduction for each Voucher sold by the Affiliate Client.

Deal Current makes no guarantees that other Publishers or Users will promote Client Offers or that any additional revenue can be achieved by publishing Vouchers to the Network.

Deal Current requires that Client's upload a copy of the Advertising Agreement for each Offer promoted on the Network. The Advertising Agreement can be in the form of a pdf, jpg, .doc, .docx, or any readable form that Deal Current Software accepts.

Clients have the right to terminate any Offer prior to the Network Start Date or any date during the Voucher campaign for any reason by changing the Maximum Vouchers Sold to the Current Sold Amount. For help with this process, please email us at the address below.

Deal Current Network has the right to terminate any Offer without notice if contacted by an Advertiser that the Offer was not authorized or if the Offer is in violation of any state or federal laws. If a Client or Deal Current Network cancels a Voucher Campaign at any time, the Advertiser or Client are responsible for honoring any Vouchers sold during the period the Voucher Campaign was live.

Email Marketing Integration

Deal Current will make available a process for basic email delivery for Clients. Client may send out email offers to opt-in emails or have Company support this service on behalf of Client. If Client chooses to have Deal Current perform this service, Client is solely responsible for any fees associated with this service. Deal Current may use a 3rd party Email Service Provider ("ESP") for email delivery. Imported lists from other sources may not be supported by Deal Current or its ESP. As of the Effective Date, the Deal Current's integrated ESP is Mailchimp.com. If Client wishes to use this service, Client will adhere to Mailchimp's terms and conditions upon independent review and separate service agreement and is solely responsible for all ESP compliance and compliance reviews, including managing payment for email delivery. If Client becomes blocked or banned from Mailchimp for any reason, Client must discover and manage an alternative method for email delivery, at Client's expense. Client can at any time use Company Application Programming Interface (API) to manage email marketing with an alternative ESP. Email delivery is defined as the hosting of an email template, automated creation of an email and the sending of the offer email. Client will have full access to their ESP mail account, and is fully responsible for compliance, report monitoring, list management, and the Mailchimp feature setup and management beyond the services defined.

Deal Current may add additional integrated ESPs and will notify Client if alternative ESPs are available.

Copyright and Trademark Notices.

Unless otherwise indicated, these Terms of Use, Deal Current, and all Content provided by Deal Current are copyright © 2013 Deal Current Network, Inc. All rights reserved.

"Deal Current" as well as page headers, custom graphics, buttons, images and other content on the Software, is subject to trademark, service mark, trade dress, copyright and or other proprietary or intellectual property rights or licenses held by Deal Current, Inc. or its licensors, supplier or partners. Other trademarks, product names and company names or logos used on the Software are the property of their respective owners. Except as expressly authorized, the use or misuse of any trademarks, trade names, logos, images, graphics or content from the Software is strictly prohibited.


Deal Current reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or replace any of these Policies and Procedures at any time. It is your responsibility to review the Policies and Procedures periodically for changes. Deal Current will send a notification to the contact email provided within the Deal Current Software. Your continued use of the Software following the posting of any changes to the Policies and Procedures constitutes acceptance of those changes.

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